Cambridge Womens Aid

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We appreciate seasonal gifts for the women and children who use our services, such as:


New toys and games

Popular items: superhero characters, action figures, dolls and accessories, board games, dressing up clothes, sports items, books


Toiletries and make-up (unopened and unused)

Suggestions: bath/shower gel, hair and beauty items – hairdryer, hairbrushes, make-up


Craft activities

Such as: felt pens, paint sets, paper, card-making kits, craft sets, clay, playdoh


Stationery items

Notebooks, diaries, pens, stationery sets, gel pens



Such as chocolate, food gift packs, tins of biscuits


Clothing items/accessories

Such as new scarves, hats, gloves, umbrellas


New clothes for children


Babies toys, rattles, blankets (new)


Please remember: at this time of year we are only able to accept new, unused items. We ask for items to be given to us UNWRAPPED as we need to check all donations before passing them on. If you want to gift wrap your donations, please wrap loosely or put in a gift bag that we can re-use .   


“All the help and understanding they have given me you could not ask for more.  I got all the help I needed and more.  They are always on hand if you need them.  Only a phone call away.”