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Information for professionals seeking refuge for a woman and children who may have no recourse to public funds.


In order to start a referral for a family that either doesn’t have recourse to public funds or where their right to benefits is unclear, we will need confirmation that the local Children’s Social Care (CSC) service will financially support the family until an alternative source of income is secured.


We would expect that our weekly rent charge plus the charge we make to residents for utility bills will be covered.  In addition there must be an undertaking to ensure that the family is provided with adequate funds to live on.  This must be guaranteed for at least three months.  CWA will offer a fixed term licence for the period the funding is guaranteed for.  Women can end their licence agreement with CWA by issuing 24 hours notice.


CWA will work to find a possible solution for the family and will not call on the guaranteed funding for longer than necessary.  However, we may also require the funding of interpreters if needed. We may also ask for travel costs needed to access immigration advice if not available locally.  CWA can make any agreed living expenses payments to the family and invoice CSC for agreed amounts.


During the fixed term licence period, CWA workers will use their expertise to progress any applications that will support the family to claim benefits and become financially independent.  For example, this may be supporting an application for leave to remain or establishing whether a woman has a worker status that will entitle her to JSA.


For information on our current charges, please call 01223 460947.


"They were the only people who understood and believed me when most others blamed me.  I have been able to make so much headway.  I would not be where I am without CWA.  They helped me make sense of it all and I no longer blame myself.”